About COSC 4210

Course Information

Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday 2:45 - 4:00
Meeting Location: EN 4059
Class Web Page: http://cosc4210.cs.uwyo.edu

Course Description

The course will cover the basics of developing data driven web applications using C# and ASP.NET. Topics include HTML5, CSS3, responsive design frameworks, Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and framework, Entity Framework, Language-Integrated Queries (LINQ), authentication, authorization, unit testing, and using Visual Studio Online (formerly Microsoft Team Foundation Server) for source control and project management.

Data driven applications often include functionality to manage lists. Thoughout the semester, we will be building a single application which will include managing lists of objects. Students will choose their own object type.


Class attendance is mandatory. There will be many in class projects. If you are not in class to participate, you cannot make up the work unless you have a university excused absence.

Late Policy

Assignments are due at midnight on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted unless you have a university excused absence.


Final course grade: A: >=93%, A-: >=90%, B+: >=87%, B: >=83%, B-: >=80%, C+: >=77%, C: >=73%, C-: >=70%, D+: >=67%, D: >=63%, D-: >=60%, F: < 60%

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Disability Statement

If you have a physical, learning, or psychological disability and require accommodations, please let the instructor know as soon as possible. You must register with, and provide documentation of your disability to Disability Support Services (DSS) in room 128 Knight Hall.

Academic Honesty

The University of Wyoming is built upon a strong foundation of integrity, respect and trust. All members of the university community have a responsibility to be honest and the right to expect honesty from others. Any form of academic dishonesty is unacceptable to our community and will not be tolerated. Teachers and students should report suspected violations of standards of academic honesty to the instructor, department head, or dean. Other University regulations can be found at: http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/legal/universityregulations.htm.

General Course Information

There will be assignments due for credit during the last week of class.
The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the syllabus and schedule as the need arises.