COSC 4210 Homework

Homework 1 (Due Thursday, September 7) - UI and HTML5

Watch the Science of a Great UI presentation and episodes 1 - 9 of the HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals series. Be prepared for a test over the material on Thursday, September 6. You may take notes on the presentations to use while taking the test on Tuesday.

Homework 2 (Due Monday, September 18 at midnight) - CSS3

Watch episodes 12 - 17 of the HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals series. Use this information to add styling to the in class project we started on Tuesday (see Lecture 5 on the Lecture page).

Homework 3 (Optional) - C# Fundamentals

If you have never worked with C#, you may want to watch some of these Channel 9 presentations.

Homework 4 (Due Tuesday, September 26) - Project Description

Business applications often include functionality to manage collections of objects. Thoughout the semester, we will be building a single application which will include managing a list (collection) of items (objects). We will learn to work with attributes of varying data types, both required and optional. We will also learn to work with one to many and many to many relationships. Each student's application will manage a different list of items.

Your task is to modify the start page to describe what type items (objects) you would like to manage with your collection application. The description should include the following:

When you are finished, publish your application to your development web site and put your project folder in your student folder on Lamont.

Homework 5 (Due Thursday, October 26) - Initial Project Modification

Using the project you created in class and added to source control in Visual Studio Team Services, make the following changes.

Homework 6 (Due Thursday, November 30) - Adding the Many to Many Relationship to the Project

Homework 7 (Due Tuesday, December 19 at midnight) - Take Home Final Exam

Searching on "types" and "categories"