COSC 4210 Lectures

Lecture 1 (August 31)

Course introduction

Lecture 2 (September 5)

Choosing a collection in class exercise

Lecture 3 (September 7)

UI and HTML5 quiz

Lecture 4 (September 12)

HTML5 in class exercise

Download the Exercise1 project, unzip it and then open it in Visual Studio. Add html to the pages to format the structure of the document. Keep in mind that the html5 tags are used to give semantic meaning to the sections of the document (structure) rather than for presentation (look and formatting) which is the job of CSS. When you finish, save your project. You will be adding to it when you work the exercise from Lecture 5.
Exercise 1

Lecture 5 - work this exercise after watching the CSS videos (no class on Thursday, September 14th)

CSS3 exercise

Add an external style sheet to your Exercise 1 project and style the html files using techniques from the CSS3 video presentations. If you need a reference, the html files from the presentations are below. When you finish, copy your completed project folder to your student folder on Lamont (\\\courses\cosc4210\students). The projects are due by midnight on Monday, September 18th.

Lecture 6 (September 19)


Changing the bootstrap theme in your Visual Studio project

Publishing to your development web site

Lecture 7 (September 21)

Bootstrap Components

In class assignment - Create an new MVC project named Lecture7. Change the bootstrap theme to United (from the website). Modify the theme to change the color of the orange Navbar and Primary button to a different color of your choice. The new color should look good with the existing theme. Add three new buttons, Success, Danger and Warning, below the Jumbotron. When you finish, put your project in your student folder on Lamont.

Lecture 8 (September 26)

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Lecture 9 (September 28)

Using the Entity Framework to work with application data


No class on October 3

Lecture 10 (October 5)


Lecture 11 (October 10)

Using Visual Studio Team Services for source control

In class project

Lecture 12 (October 12)

Implementating a data bound drop down list

In class project

Lecture 13 (October 17)

Defining model classes for homework 5

Add the following two models to your project in source control:

"Item" class (Your class name will be specific to your project. Make sure to capitalize the class name as well as the property names).
Make sure to include in the "Item" class:
public int ID { get; set; }
public string ItemName { get; set; } (Your Itemname will be specific to your class.)
Also include properties specific to your "Item" with varying data types.
Do not include any properties related to your "Categories".
Include properties for the "Type" as shown in the in class drop down list project.

"Type" class (Your class name will be specific to your project. Make sure to capitalize the class name as well as the property names).
The following fields should be in your "Type" class. Do not include any others besides the ones listed below.
public int ID { get; set; }
public string TypeName { get; set; } (Your Typename will be specific to your class.)
public DateTime LastModified { get; set; }
public string LastModifiedBy { get; set; }

Before you leave class make sure I check your two models.

Lecture 14 (October 19)

Authentication in class exercise

Lecture 15 (October 24)

Language Integrated Queries (LINQ)

Lecture 16 (October 31)

Introduction to LINQ Queries

In class exercise - working with LINQ query syntax

Lecture 17 (November 2)

LINQ method syntax

In class exercise - working with LINQ method syntax

Lecture 18 (November 7)

Using Views and ViewModels in a MVC application.

Lecture 19 (November 9)

In class exercise - ViewModels 1

Lecture 20 (November 14)

In class exercise - ViewModels 2

Lecture 21 (November 28)

Connecting the MVC application to a remote database and publishing the MVC application.

Lecture 22 (November 30)

UL representatives visiting class today.

Lecture 23 (December 5)

Correcting publishing problems.

Lecture 24 (December 7)

MVC Partial Views

Take home final exam discussion.